Filming begins for 'First Dates Hotel' in a romantic location in Moraira

Carlos Sobera at the helm, the return of Lidia Torrent, and four new additions in the spin-off of the 'First Dates' format, which has already been successfully produced in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany

The aim of the singles starring in 'First Dates Hotel', a new version of the 'First Dates' format that Mediaset España is preparing for this summer, is to find love in an idyllic setting near the sea with attractive leisure proposals to get to know the person they share a date with after the first meeting.

This new programme, which Mediaset España produces in collaboration with Warner Bros. ITVP España, will begin filming this week in a romantic location in Moraira and will feature Carlos Sobera as the host and proud hotel director.

The staff of this new dating show includes presenter, model, and influencer Lidia Torrent ('Secret Story: última hora'), who returns to the 'First Dates' family to welcome singles at the hotel reception, help them with the 'check-in' of love, and remind them that Cupid's arrows come with 'all-inclusive'; actor and model Adrián Pedraja ('Elite', 'El Secreto de Puente Viejo'), who will serve as the barman and witness the daters' first glances and impressions as they meet; actress Arianna Aragón ('El precio justo' and 'Miles Gloriosus') and singer and performer Rocío de Porres 'Rolita' (musicals 'WAH' and 'Rock Circus'), who will be responsible for attending to the singles during their dates and bringing the exquisite love dishes to their tables, alongside Sergio López, DJ Keko ('First Dates: especial Summer'), who will have a dual role: being a waiter and providing the musical ambiance for the programme as a DJ.

Mechanics of 'First Dates Hotel'

'First Dates Hotel' will witness the beginning and evolution of many love stories from the first steps of the relationship, such as preparation, initial expectations, and the development of the first date, to the subsequent encounters, as couples can continue getting to know each other in the idyllic hotel setting where they will share an unforgettable night, taking advantage of the hotel's most relaxing facilities such as the spa, gym, cocktail, and chill-out area, enjoying evenings with music under the stars. Additionally, singles can also venture outside the hotel to explore the area and enjoy water sports, mountain trails, boat trips, or unforgettable sunsets on the beach, among many other activities that invite shared leisure or awaken passion.

'First Dates Hotel' is a spin-off of the 'First Dates' format that has already been successfully produced in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany.