Are you able to know if a performer is a good or a bad singer without hearing him/her to sing? The brand mystery music guessing show

‘I can see your voice’ is a musical guessing show, adapted from the Korean format 'I Can See Your Voice', where contestants, with the help of a fixed panel of celebrities and a renowned artist, must guess whether a group of mysterious singers are good or bad vocalists, judging by their appearance, their mannerisms, lip-syncing, or their stage presence. With the assistance of a series of clues, and the opinions and comments of both the advisors and the guest artist, the contestant will vie for a cash prize, requiring a good dose of intuition, attention to detail, and good humor. Singers of excellent artistic quality, disastrous vocalists, current musical hits, hilarious commentary, wit, and plenty of humor come together in this music program, hosted by Manel Fuentes, brimming with celebrities, pure entertainment, and intuition."