3 single women, 11 nice guys and 11 F* Boys

In 'FBOY Island Spain' three single women travel to a tropical island where they meet 22 guys: 11 self-proclaimed "nice guys" seeking love and 11 who openly admit to being "FBoys" competing for a cash prize. These women will enjoy various dates and experiences in the hope of finding a genuine romantic connection among these men. 'FBOY Island' introduces two entertaining elements: the 'Disfrutorio' (Enjoyatorium) and the 'Redentorio' (Redemption Center). Throughout the show, eliminated guys won't head home. The 'nice guys' will indulge in a luxury and pleasure experience as a reward for their courtship and love attitudes. However, the 'FBoys' will be sent to the 'Redentorio,' a place where they'll taste their own medicine and undergo punishments and 'therapies' for the purpose of 'reeducation.