A luxury getaway in search of love at a Mediterranean coast hotel

After years of spreading love, television's most romantic restaurant packs its bags and moves to an idyllic hotel on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in 'First Dates Hotel,' a version of the famous dating show where dates take place in a romantic hotel setting with Carlos Sobera and his team of cupids as hosts. The program expands horizons and witnesses the development of many love stories from the initial steps of the relationship, offering a comprehensive view that delves into the most personal moments of initial nerves, date preparation, or expectations leading up to the first encounter, showcasing to the viewer what the challenges of love are.

If the first date culminates in a mutual yes, couples can continue getting to know each other in the idyllic hotel setting, sharing an unforgettable night and taking advantage of its most relaxing facilities such as the spa, gym, cocktail and chill-out area, along with evenings with music under the starlight, beach excursions, or enjoying a variety of activities together, from those that invite relaxation and shared enjoyment to those that ignite passion.