The quintessential television journey

14 participants, a colossal journey through some of the planet's most unknown countries, just one euro a day, and a cash prize destined for a charitable cause. That's the new edition of 'Pekín Express,' the travel and adventure competition that has returned to Spain with a renewed format and full of surprises, with Miguel Ángel Muñoz at the helm as the program's presenter.

In this new stage, it features the participation of 7 couples who have only a backpack as their luggage and compete against each other to make the race of their lives. Their mission: to reach the finish line as quickly as possible through a journey through exotic landscapes where they have to find transportation, accommodation, and food with no more resources than what their instinct, ingenuity, or social skills dictate. Only then will they be able to overcome the numerous challenges they will face throughout the program if they want to stay in the competition until the final test.