A spectacular set, a group of celebrity experts on unexpected topics and anonymous contestants eager to win the grand prize

In ‘The wheel’, three contestants face each other in a fun battle of knowledge, in a spectacular set formed by a large moving circle, with rotating chairs around them, with the aim of keeping their place in the centre of the circle by getting the answers right and avoiding being expelled from the circle with incorrect answers. The participant who manages to close the circle by answering all seven categories of the night will have a chance to take home the grand prize of the competition. 

To achieve this, the participants will be assisted by seven celebrity guests each week, who will advise them as experts on the different topics of the evening. In this way, they will discover the hidden skills of 56 of the national celebrities, who will reveal their peculiar knowledge about: skydiving, omelettes, the Second World War, Mary Poppins, UFOs or the Kennedys, among others.