A support for families seeking to improve their children's education

Families looking to improve their children's education, children in need of guidance to adjust their behaviors and conduct, and an expert in child psychology who can address the needs of both: these are the protagonists of 'Supernanny', the internationally successful program with a 20-year history. In this space, the renowned family psychologist Rocío Ramos-Paul, 'Supernanny', travels across Spain with the aim of supporting parents, mothers, and family members of children in the complex challenge of educating and raising their children, a true test of balance not always easy to manage.

Based on a production by Ricochet for Channel 4 and first broadcast in the United Kingdom in 2003, this format has left a lasting mark on television worldwide over the past two decades, and arrives on TVE with a clear commitment: to propose alternatives, suggest new habits, and ultimately, help families enjoy parenting and day-to-day life with the little ones at home.